About TownSpeaks

Here is what we are doing at TownSpeaks and we want you involved.

TownSpeaks is a faith-based organization determined to bring sanity back to America. We intend to do this by uniting conservative Christianity in a grassroots effort to take back our country. We are a great nation, the greatest God has put here on this earth. We are only great for one reason, because of our faith as a nation.

Well the faith has gone by the wayside and we have acquiesced. Look at where that has led us, into the wilderness. With families in tatters, the economy in disarray and a country headed down the road of entitled socialism, it is time for us in the conservative Christian camp to wake up. We have to wake up and connect with the future leaders of our great country.

There is a reason that our middle class and our youngest generation feel so disenfranchised – because they are. They turn to the promise of Free when there is no sane voice to listen to. Remember that the easy lie is much kinder to the ears than the truth. When we a solution that does not require thought, right or wrong, if it is believable then that is where we migrate. That is what we have to counter. Just because it is on the Internet doesn’t make it fact. That is what is so important about TownSpeaks.

What is worse? Young adults and middle class no longer feel they have a voice because the voice belongs to establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle. The 2016 Presidential election is proof and it represents how close the fire is to the gunpowder.

No longer is it politics as usual. Establishment has been called out and there is a silent revolution afoot. Our goal at TownSpeaks is to facilitate the change that has already begun and the first step is to elect leaders and create voices who are not in office for personal gain. Single-term limits and more stringent campaign finance rules that eliminate PACS and Super-PACS.

Education is another source of grief in our country. At what point did it become okay to settle for average? When did we start allowing our teachers to feel so threatened that they feel they need a gun in class? This didn’t start at the schools. It began at home, when parents did or did not instill Christian values. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great kids out there who want to learn, but many of them feel threatened as well. They learn it is not okay to excel. All it takes is one incident to ruin a child for life.

About TownSpeaks

How do we fix it? Answer: One day at a time. We did not get here overnight and it will take some time to correct. In the meantime, parents have the right to homeschool their children. There are many excellent charter schools where all you have to do is apply. These choices are currently under attack, but we are the people and we have the right because we were born in a country that has a government by the people and for the people.

We need courageous contributors (find out more here). The young with the perspective of the up and coming generation as they take on leadership roles. We need the middle-aged and middle class to shine from the perspective of reality. Another important segment that is so often forgotten is the older individual who has the desire to share their experience with generations that follow. One of the arts we have lost is sharing and devaluing our history and the lessons it provides.

There is only one path back to greatness and a publication is not the answer. The answer is you, the individual. It is the action you take and it is the message you deliver to the world. They are listening. All we are here for is to be a platform, your platform.

Thank you,
Joel Phillips

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