Best Streaming Music Services Ever

Best Streaming Music Services

Meet Prime - One of the Best Streaming Music Services

Amazon is a relative newcomer to the streaming music services business, but they are serious about the offer. Amazon PrimeBest Streaming Music Services sprung up as the member section of their massive retail site and it has evolved into a unique offering in the market. If I took iTunes and mashed it up with Netflix and stirred in some premium retail services, I would get Amazon Prime. The difference? iTunes makes money on the sale of individual videos and songs where as Prime makes money on the subscription to their service.

I tend to like the Prime model better simply because I can download as many songs or movies as I want without worrying that I am spending too much just because I binge watched my favorite shows. Great news if you want to try the service for free. Amazon Prime has a free 30-day trialBest Streaming Music Services so you can try Prime to see if it is a good fit for you.

One of my pet peeves with any streaming music service is when they do things halfway. My hat is off to Prime simply because they are in it to win it. One thing Apple did that was super smart was to create hardware to compliment their video and music streaming service. They did this without making the user buy iPhones, MacBooks or Mac Computers. Don't get me wrong, Apple hardware sales were important enough to add features to make iTunes easier to interact with on Apple devices, but iTunes did not get dragged down into the abyss of required dependency.

The Perfect Companions for the Best Streaming Music Services

Prime has followed this example with their own unique interpretation of hardware.

Meet Amazon Tap

Meet Amazon Echo

This is a great experiment and I am anxious to see if it will work. Amazon created hardware to compliment not only their streaming music services, but to allow play for all the major competitors as well. But where these devices exceed expectations are in the connected state of voice information as well. In other words, Amazon TapBest Streaming Music Services and Amazon EchoBest Streaming Music Services are the first step into the realm of voice driven, AI mimicking, interactive tools that can also play music, podcasts and more. Granted, to play iTunes requires you to upload your iTunes library to the Prime streaming music services cloud, but guess what? That is ingenious. Amazon has made a play to get you off the iTunes platform and onto the Prime platform with minimal disruption to your life.

Also, if you want, you can play any Internet based streaming music services on the Amazon TapBest Streaming Music Services or Amazon EchoBest Streaming Music Services seamlessly. This is longer-term play and Amazon Prime has done a really good job of catching up (and even passing) other streaming music services. Adding a free 30-day trialBest Streaming Music Services doesn't hurt as they get massive amounts of potential subscribers to try the service. While they are still going through growing pains, I have to say that they have done a great job of providing one of the Best Streaming Music Services on the market.

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