***California proposed Budget cuts programs or increases our costs for our legal citizens while we allocate scarce resources for undocumented immigrant defense***

With record revenues, the priorities of spending by the controlling democrats is out of touch with hard working Californians and strains our budget.

1. Tuition to Cal-State Universities will increase by 5%
2. Tuition to UC schools will be increased 2-1/2% while the State Auditor (now being dismissed for transparently finding and reporting out a camouflaged reserve) found $180 million in hidden reserves!
3. Medical residency slots cut exacerbating our physician shortage Statewide!
4.gasoline taxes will increase by 18 cents a gallon and diesel by 20 cents a gallon and Vehicle license fees by an average of $50/vehicle/Year starting in NOV 2017 hurting working class and lower income people including seniors!
5. Shoving the entitlement program “In Home Supportive Services” back to “cash strapped Counties after the State raised wages of the workers making the program too expensive for the State to continue! This will cost the County of Riverside in 2022 … $200 million dollars! By law, this program MUST be funded before public safety! This is another hit on local government by our State that has a serious addiction to spending and which continues to be beholden to non-public safety LABOR unions.
Don’t get me wrong…. the in home supportive services program is a good program reducing costs to government for putting our loved ones in institutionalized settings….but the State can better afford the program with our record revenues than our Counties that are “cash strapped”
6. The State is NOT keeping its word with the citizens by diverting the new tobacco taxes to the general fund because of a boo boo the Guv did in his January Budget ($1.8B error!)
The same Governor promised when he ran for his 3rd term NOT to support new taxes the citizens did not have an opportunity to vote for! Ask the Governor why he did not keep his word and promise to us?

The State is proposing $30+ million for undocumented immigrants under the threat of being deported! Why would we pick up the costs of any private person’s civil legal fees? Even for undocumented felons being released from jails and prisons?

I believe we call this “a gift of public funds”

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