SB- 562 (LARA D-Long beach) would create a “SINGLE PAYOR” healthcare system in the State of California which PASSED it’s first critical committee (HEALTH) on a party-line vote today after 3+ hours of testimony.

Do you belong to KAISER for your healthcare needs?

Kaiser said today in the hearing that this bill ,as written, would “Shutter their business model” in the State of California! In other words, they may close up shop here in California!

IF this should this pass:

1. Doctors will flee the State (bill proposes that specialist Docs should make no more money then General Practitioners even though they would have many more additional years of training and education)? Specialists will go to neighboring States where they can earn a better living. This bill will make our DOCTOR SHORTAGE in Riverside County even WORSE!

2. Private Hospitals may close and public hospitals will be “strained” when the State has an economic downturn and “broad brushes” cuts to healthcare like the kinds we witnessed in the Medi-cal System that still has not seen their funding restored and hence Doctors will continue to NOT participate in the program affecting as many as 35% of the State of California’s residents!

3. SOCIALZED MEDICINE AKA “Government Only Health Care” is NOT consistent with no known Republican or long standing principles embracing personal and economic freedom., consumer choice, and individual responsibility. Health care rashioning and caps on the number of specialists will be imposed denying prompt healthcare to many.

Point to a program administered by government that is less expensive and more efficient than the same provided in the private sector? There are NOT any!
What have we learned from OBAMACARE?
-Premiums for most INCREASED!
-Deductables for most INCREASED!
-Insurers in many States have LEFT THE PROGRAM because with government bureaucracy and waste and inferior reimbursements, they can’t even break even!

So what does the State of California now want to do?
Create “LARA-CARE”! FREE healthcare for ALL!

My friends, this will NOT be FREE I guarantee you.
It is estimated to cost the State to provide FREE healthcare for all (documented and undocumented residents) over $100 BILLION DOLLARS/year! Our overall budget for last year was $127 BILLION for the entirety of the STATE BUDGET!

How will this debacle be paid for?

IMPOSING a NEW 9.5% PAYROLL tax on everyone in California that is paid with a check is a consideration!

Can you afford to lose almost 10% of your gross paycheck to subsidize free healthcare for all?
This disaster of a bill , and if it becomes law will cause:

1. INCREASE IN FORECLOSURES for ther struggling middle and working classes!

2. INCREASE Homelessness by forcing people out of their homes they can no longer afford!

3. Make many middle class people trying to qualify for a home mortgage be DENIED because they do not have the net income necessary to qualify!

4. May force many small businesses to close if they are required to pay any match to this payroll tax creating more unemployment in our State.


The democrats have a 2/3rds majority in both the SENATE and the ASSEMBLY. They can use that collective power to increase any tax on you…..INCLUDING this NEW 9.5% payroll tax.

When our economy collapses under a plan like this, they will NOT stop with those working in the State, but may go after senior citizens by increasing their taxes on social security or passive income.

Like I have said before, the State has an unsatiable desire to TAX and SPEND and will NOT stop until you the citizens STEP UP and say….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Will you step up?

It’s an honor to serve you.

The Republican Revolution (Trumpublican Movement)

I have argued for years that both the Democratic Party with its left-wing social tendencies and the entrenched, backboneless Republican Party have far outlived their usefulness and their capacity to represent “We the People”. I have asserted that, time and again, these parties have evolved into self-serving, elitist membership clubs that are out only to protect their positions at the expense of the people they are supposed to represent. Time for a Republican Revolution.

Wake Up! Really?

On the Democrat side, it never ceases to amaze me at how adept that party is at indoctrinating from a very young age. They mold the youth of our nation into entitled, hive-minded people who, for some strange reason, think that government will solve all of our problems and can create wealth out of thin air. News flash — The only way the government can solve your personal problems is to take away your ability to think for yourself, make government larger until it takes over every aspect of your life and legislate you to death.

Additionally, there are only two ways government can provide you with free amenities such as free education, free health care and free infrastructure. One, tax you more to create the money needed to run this ever-growing monolith of fake free services. Two, if taxes don’t pay for all the “free stuff”, they will have to add the expense to the bottom line of the national debt. The problem is that they are already doing both. Check out the national debt clock. With national debt growing at $2 billion per day and unfunded liabilities north of $100 trillion. Everybody on the left side of the fence has to let me know how we are going to pay for a bigger government when we can’t afford what we have now.

“I Would Like an Order of Intestinal Fortitude Please”

So here comes the Republican Party to save the day, right? Not so fast. The Republican Revolution – This election cycle has proven several very interesting things that we will get to momentarily. What comes to mind first and foremost when thinking of the Republican Party is, “Why aren’t they doing what the Republican Party is supposed to do?” I have not seen one, not one member of the Republican Party work to reduce the size of our government. All they are capable of doing is making feeble efforts to fight off growth of the government and they are not even doing that very well. Give in to the budget, give in to the demands of the DNC, give in, give in and give in some more. Worse is that the victories we claim are not really even victories at all – just a little bit less giving in.

“We the People” are pretty tired of status quo. For some reason, I had this feeling that I was one of the few citizens who were so fed up with our current state of politics that I might explode. One of the interesting side effects of this election cycle is that I find myself not alone. I am not alone in feeling betrayed by my own party. I am not alone in feeling as if my voice and my destiny has been ripped away and traded for a few pieces of silver to line the pockets of those in power – the career politicians.

A Republican Revolution

Guess what establishment. There is a Republican Revolution, actually more of an American Political Revolution coming and it is heading our way like a freight train. The polls and caucuses are demonstrating, between Trump and even Bernie before he sold out, that America is done with establishment politics. “We the People” are done not having representatives in Washington when these people are supposed to be faithful to us, the constituents. Time and time again they have betrayed us to the point where we can no longer trust them. They can throw money at it. They can get their best speakers and best establishment representatives, but to no avail. We are taking our country back.

The Trumpublican Movement

There is a movement rising that is sick and tired of traditional politics. This movement is no longer about the government, it is about the people and the removal of bureaucracy that overshadows and over-reaches. This movement is the New Republican Party. It is the Trumpublican Movement and the establishment can either embrace it or get out of the way. This is not about Trump the man. It is about what we are giving away as a nation.

This is a warning to the elite. If you do not accept the vote of “We the People” and you usurp our authority over you as our representatives, you will get steamrolled. You will get taken from your ivory towers and replaced with people who do not have power and money as their first and only priority.

The people are speaking. It is peaceful, yet determined. It is resolute in the final goal, to reclaim our country from self-serving politics. No longer will politics be a career. It will once again be a service to the nation and to the people. No longer will those in power stay forever to become so entrenched and entangled in our system that they think they cannot be removed. Part of this is still a dream, but the building of the tide is a reality so wake up and take heed. “We the People” are coming to claim what is rightfully ours, the destiny and future of this great nation.

You Do Have a Voice

Whether by accident or on purpose, Trump and the Trumpublican Movement have shown us what can be done when we are not beholden to anyone. From the perspective of most, Trump is not the ideal candidate, but most importantly, he is not a politician. Need more evidence? Simply look at how well Bernie did on the other side of the fence before they betrayed him. The reaction to Trump however, is the most telling sign of the change in the direction of political winds. “We the People” are speaking loud and clear and, for the first time in a long time, I have hope. This hope may be misguided but even this cannot be worse than status quo.

This is a Republican Revolution, the Trumpublican Movement. I am hopeful out of it will arise a New Republican Party that will once again represent our wishes and will once again do what is right to make our country great. It will not come easy, however. There is far too much at stake for the Establishment and they will do everything they can to protect status quo. We will have to fight for it. We will have to argue for it. We will have to get people to vote and believe that they can make a difference.

The sacrifice we have to make is a small price to pay for what we have to lose.

Stockholm Terror Attack

TFlash – Stockholm Terror Attack

Subject – Stockholm Terror Attack

A man suspected of driving a carjacked truck into a crowd of shoppers at a local department store has been arrested and has confessed to local authorities. Police have confirmed that at least 4 people have been killed and 15 people injured (9 seriously) in the Stockholm Terror Attack. Images of the man were distributed by police as the short manhunt came to conclusion.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven stated that the attack appeared to be terror related and this was later confirmed by police. Sweden and neighboring countries are attributing the spike in crime to the influx of refugees from states known to have radical terrorist ties. The Stockholm Terror Attack is another in the wave of so called Lone-Wolf attacks in the region.

Stockholm Terror Attack occurred at approximately 3:16PM local time.

Stockholm Terror Attack

Swedish Police release images of the suspect later arrested in the horrific attack at a local department store

Stockholm Terror Attack

Police release images of man suspected and later apprehended in Stockholm Terror Attack

Stockholm Terror Attack

Scene outside the local department store where a carjacker used a truck to run over shoppers. Courtesy AFP