Content Contributor

Want to learn more about becoming a Content Contributor for our online version of TownSpeaks or maybe a Contributing Journalist for our monthly periodical? We are looking for you. We are young and we want to make a difference in the world. If you want to learn more about TownSpeaks, visit the About TownSpeaks page. You will find out who we are and what we are about.

Here are the categories we use for both our free online version of the TownSpeaks Magazine. Our online version of TownSpeaks is a blog format with articles from every corner of the globe on topics in the following areas;

  • God – While we find God reaching into every aspect of what we write here at TownSpeaks, this is the section where we discuss God, Christianity, Church and how our faith reaches into other areas of our lives. We are here to plant seeds so this is the section that deals with God and how He impacts our daily lives.
  • America – Here we deal with everything that affects us in our country – business, politics, economy, education, legal, markets and medicine. When something happens that will have either an immediate or long-term impact on our lives, you will find it here. From court decisions to business deals to trade decisions and everything in between.
  • Change – One of our primary goals is to bring about change in our society. We are the platform and you are the voice. In this section, we look at areas in our nation and society where we, as individuals and groups, can make a change and how we can do it. It is time the silent majority spoke up.
  • Movies and Music – It has been a long time coming where Christianity and conservatism is accepted into mainstream Hollywood. We unite and we review and we get heard. Same in the music world. While there is a long way to go, what we buy and who we support determines the shape of both the music and video industry. Here is your platform where you can make a difference.
  • Wisdom – This is a great section of our publication where the older generation who have been around the corner and experienced things we never will can participate and share their incredible stories. We take these pearls of wisdom and put them where they belong – in front of our readers. If you aren’t writing for it, make sure you read this section as it comes alive.

Our monthly print/digital version launches in December 2016 and follows the same general category structure but will include exciting and controversial articles not found in our free online version. We are extremely excited to get the magazine rolling and are searching for the right talent to contribute to this effort. The majority of writers for the monthly version will come from our pool of writers for the TownSpeaks online version.

Content Contributor Compensation

Compensation for a content contributor is simple. For the TS Online version or the free version, there is no compensation. You will get a byline, a weblink and a photo. If your article is selected for inclusion into our paid version, you will be compensated as a freelancer until you get to 3 submissions accepted for print where you will be considered for a staff writing position.

Articles that come in with sales links, or with content / website links deemed unsuitable, will be discarded with no notification. TownSpeaks reserves the right to discard any article once it is submitted. If your article is accepted for the free version, you will be notified via email and the article will be edited and posted. If your article is selected for the monthly version, an offer will be made via email. If the offer is accepted, your article will be edited and marked for inclusion in a print edition.

How Do I Become a Content Contributor?

Becoming a content contributor is simple. We take articles between 750 – 1,000 words in length for any of the subject matter categories identified above.

You can submit an article in Word docx format or text file format to the following email –