In the economy section, we discuss both the US and global economy. We want to understand the impact of political decisions both here and abroad on business and economic trends. All of these components are intertwined and have a significant ripple effect on segments of our economy including employment, real estate, stocks and liquidity.

The major segments of our financial system are how we keep track of how we are doing economically. These tracking mechanisms however, are skewed, antiquated and no longer valid. If that is the case, then how do we monitor economic health nationally and worldwide?

At TownSpeaks, our economics are right-wing, conservative bent simply because a healthy environment is dependent on sound fiscal policy. While there are no perfect political or economic silos, our economic section tends to a more conservative approach. We present differing views, but these views seem to always lead us down the conservative path toward a solid national economy. We cannot control, to any predictable extent, economic factors in any other nation. We would be remiss and naive to think that economies in other nations do not have serious sway over our own. That said, politicians on both sides of the aisle are failing us miserably and it is our view that, at some point in the near future, something will give.

The Fragile Economy

It can be argued that a sound economy can be analyzed from the perspective of each individual segment. We contend however, that a solid economy should be measured in its resilience to external events. If a single piece of news sends a market soaring or crashing, then it follows that the volatility is the measure of weakness.

In a volatile economic environment, a spark can ignite from any situation domestically or internationally that can seriously impact markets short to mid-term. Because we want to take our economic snapshots from a more stable position, we are focused on macro and micro events that will impact our economy over time. For a look at economics, real estate and political points of view, please get on the list to subscribe to our news letter coming out shortly.

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