In this section, we focus on education in America and where we have fallen woefully short and have completely failed current and younger generations. We also look at where we have gained some ground and where colleges are finding a wealth of new future leaders, but even our premier universities are fueled by liberalized, non-experiential fires. So where do we turn?

This is not an easy topic and whenever the issue of education comes up, there is sure to be heated argument from all sides. One area where we can all agree is that our public education system is failing our children. We all know the problems, but what are some possible solutions.

Our Education System

Our job, as with everything we discuss at TownSpeaks, is not to point fingers or place blame. Even if that were our intention, the deterioration of our educational system has been in progress for many years which makes the blame game rather pointless. Our goal is to find a way to get the pendulum swinging the other way. It is to find ways to improve our platform of education.

Education - Comparable World Rankings

First, let's take a look at where we are in the world rankings. These rankings are provided by Ranking America:

  • US ranks 14th in edcuation - We are the most affluent country in the world and yet our school systems are outranked. America is not even in the top 10.
  • There is one category where we do rank high. The US ranks 2nd in worldwide ignorance.
  • Literacy? American ranks 24th in the world.
  • Educational performance? We rank 17th.
  • It starts at a young age. In 4th grade math, the US is ranked 11th compared to other countries.
  • In the PISA science test scores, the US ranks 23rd

These are just some staggering numbers that show the deficiency of our education system. Again, we have not gotten here overnight which means that it is not going to be a quick fix. Additionally, aside from the disturbing statistics, we are seeing a rise in violence against teachers and other students, especially in our inner city schools. Like our economy, the system is not sustainable if we continue down the current path.

How Do We Fix Our Education System?

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