Matcha Green Tea and Matcha Powder

Matcha Green Tea

So if green tea is the road to health, then Matcha Green Tea is the freeway. Drinking one cup of this ingredient packed brew can be compared to drinking approximately 10 cups of regularly prepared green tea. If you are a fan of the health benefits that green tea provides through the delivery of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, then you should be a raving fanatic of matcha powder.

Matcha Benefits Comparison

How Matcha Compares to Other Health Drinks

We list the 8 Benefits of Green Tea in our GT review. The benefits of Matcha remain the same although greatly enhanced due to concentration. We know that, compared to regular green tea, Matcha is about ten times more powerful. What about other healthy beverages though? How does this power-packed version of green tea stack up to other drinks like Pomegranate or Gojiberries? If you look at the chart below, you may be mildly shocked at the results.

Almost 15 times the antioxidant benefit of Pomegranate and more than 100 times that of Spinach, our supercharged GT delivers a powerhouse of healthy ingredients. How is it so much more powerful than regularly brewed green tea? Well the secret is in the grinding of the leaf. When you brew a tea, you only get a fraction of the ingredients as they are steeped into the water. With Matcha, it is a powder ground from the entire leaf so all of the benefit of the green tea extract is boiled into your morning beverage.

If you are inclined to know more about the ingredients found in a single serving, here are some additional studies provided courtesy of Brunswick Laboratories (see tables at the bottom of the page). This form of green tea powder has become extremely popular and demand has been rapidly rising. When looking at the comparative analysis, it is pretty easy to see why popularity is growing at such a fast pace.

Matcha Ingredients

Matcha Green Tea Ingredients

It is readily apparent that our Super Tea is ingredient rich and contains a plethora of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All of this is delivered with almost no calories. It truly is a powerhouse of health, even compared to other so called healthy drinks (see comparison below).

Matcha Detailed Comparison

Matcha Green Tea Detailed Comparison

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