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Predictive News

Different from the concept of Trending News, Predictive News is ten steps past the normal news that we all hear when it is too late and already priced into the market. Predictive News is just that, the ability to take information and turn it into actionable market intelligence. It is the building of inference around events and related environmental landscape.

When you are in charge of a massive hedge fund or if you are the private banker for $M and $B accounts, you had better have the ability to take information and turn it into positive action with constant upward pressure on the net balance sheet. How do they do this? Is it magic? Not at all. It is the ability to couple opportunity with positive market influence.

Predictive News doesn't just happen. You have to have a perfect storm of data combined with landscape events and then you have to be able to infer the outcome or impact from the combination. The ability to do that comes from experience and having an in-depth understanding of how these two influencing factors work together. So what happens when

How do you determine the direction of a particular stock or even the market? By not looking at the stock or the market, but at what influences them as a whole.

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