SB- 562 (LARA D-Long beach) would create a “SINGLE PAYOR” healthcare system in the State of California which PASSED it’s first critical committee (HEALTH) on a party-line vote today after 3+ hours of testimony.

Do you belong to KAISER for your healthcare needs?

Kaiser said today in the hearing that this bill ,as written, would “Shutter their business model” in the State of California! In other words, they may close up shop here in California!

IF this should this pass:

1. Doctors will flee the State (bill proposes that specialist Docs should make no more money then General Practitioners even though they would have many more additional years of training and education)? Specialists will go to neighboring States where they can earn a better living. This bill will make our DOCTOR SHORTAGE in Riverside County even WORSE!

2. Private Hospitals may close and public hospitals will be “strained” when the State has an economic downturn and “broad brushes” cuts to healthcare like the kinds we witnessed in the Medi-cal System that still has not seen their funding restored and hence Doctors will continue to NOT participate in the program affecting as many as 35% of the State of California’s residents!

3. SOCIALZED MEDICINE AKA “Government Only Health Care” is NOT consistent with no known Republican or long standing principles embracing personal and economic freedom., consumer choice, and individual responsibility. Health care rashioning and caps on the number of specialists will be imposed denying prompt healthcare to many.

Point to a program administered by government that is less expensive and more efficient than the same provided in the private sector? There are NOT any!
What have we learned from OBAMACARE?
-Premiums for most INCREASED!
-Deductables for most INCREASED!
-Insurers in many States have LEFT THE PROGRAM because with government bureaucracy and waste and inferior reimbursements, they can’t even break even!

So what does the State of California now want to do?
Create “LARA-CARE”! FREE healthcare for ALL!

My friends, this will NOT be FREE I guarantee you.
It is estimated to cost the State to provide FREE healthcare for all (documented and undocumented residents) over $100 BILLION DOLLARS/year! Our overall budget for last year was $127 BILLION for the entirety of the STATE BUDGET!

How will this debacle be paid for?

IMPOSING a NEW 9.5% PAYROLL tax on everyone in California that is paid with a check is a consideration!

Can you afford to lose almost 10% of your gross paycheck to subsidize free healthcare for all?
This disaster of a bill , and if it becomes law will cause:

1. INCREASE IN FORECLOSURES for ther struggling middle and working classes!

2. INCREASE Homelessness by forcing people out of their homes they can no longer afford!

3. Make many middle class people trying to qualify for a home mortgage be DENIED because they do not have the net income necessary to qualify!

4. May force many small businesses to close if they are required to pay any match to this payroll tax creating more unemployment in our State.


The democrats have a 2/3rds majority in both the SENATE and the ASSEMBLY. They can use that collective power to increase any tax on you…..INCLUDING this NEW 9.5% payroll tax.

When our economy collapses under a plan like this, they will NOT stop with those working in the State, but may go after senior citizens by increasing their taxes on social security or passive income.

Like I have said before, the State has an unsatiable desire to TAX and SPEND and will NOT stop until you the citizens STEP UP and say….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Will you step up?

It’s an honor to serve you.

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