Open Letter to Democrats

I responded to a post on Facebook the other day that compelled me to share this Open Letter to Democrats. A little background includes name calling between individuals across the aisle. This immature behavior triggered an emotional response that started in the irritated range. I was irritated that someone with differing views was name-calling those with conflicting views.

Irritation migrated to sadness that respect for opinions of others is being wiped away. So then I had to ask myself why that is the case. Then it dawned on me that this pitting of one American against the other is nothing more than a manipulation. The intended result is maintaining status quo for career politics in our currently failing political system.

The final metamorphosis of my emotions resulted in anger. Anger against those who would turn the greatest political system in the history of the world into a self-serving cash machine at our expense. We have to remember that, on both sides of the aisle, we are simply trying to do what is best for our country. 99% of us are voting based on the information we have, but the information is faulty.

Some of us have been ingrained in party lines for so long that we no longer see what is really happening. We just see party and that is wrong. When I look at you and your differing views on politics, I must force myself to look past your initial arguments and listen to the reasons you are voting the way you do. I have to also remember that you are basing your decisions on facts you have at your disposal and most of the population only has access to facts fed to us by the media.

To all of us, right or left, we have to take our country back. This Open Letter to Democrats is a plea to both sides. Both Republicans and Democrats need to wake up from the hypnosis of party lines and look at the facts. Neither the Democrat nor the Republican parties are serving the American people. They are serving themselves. Once we understand that as a population, then we will quit paying attention to establishment distractions. Once we are on the same page, we will begin paying attention to what really matters. We will not let career politicians divide and ruin our country.

Open Letter to Democrats – Response Letter

I agree. I agree that personal insults are not the way to go. I also agree that there is a certain level of ignorance on both sides of the aisle. You, I and the rest of the citizenry have been sold a bill of goods by career politicians that is no longer tenable. You see, career politics are to blame and their (establishment’s) goal is to pit us against each other.

As long as we are fighting each other, then it is ideological and not about their fight to retain status quo. But I don’t know if “ignorance” is the right word. I think it should be “insanity” because we citizens keep doing the same thing – voting party lines thinking we will get different results. The result will always be the same, 4 more years of no results.

What may be considered ignorant is when a party (R or D) pushes an agenda regardless of goal or outcome. D, as an ideology, pushes for larger government and more entitlement. I don’t think any Democrat can argue with that, but what has that gotten us as a country. Government is not designed to be in business. They are too inefficient and have zero accountability.

The D party didn’t start that way but that is what it has turned into, an engine for government expansion. Anemic growth and failure to recover are the result of larger government and from an economic perspective, it is not possible for a government to create wealth. You see, money is fiat which is another way of saying worthless. It’s value is based in perception.

I am not the biggest fan of either candidate, but I am a conservative Republican. I would argue that even the R side of the fence has become ineffective. The only resolution to our problem are outsiders who are willing to change the system. What we have to get back to is a smaller government where the people, not the government, dictate the direction of our country. I know that Trump is the better choice to achieve this specific goal.

While I am not a huge fan of either candidate, my argument to persuade you to switch sides is that at the very least, we cannot tolerate 4 more years of what we have gone through. If you want credibility and reason for my tirade, I lost my business due to government intervention and regulation that I could not afford to maintain. Small business is the backbone of growth for our nation and we are suffocating Americans reaching for their dreams. It is the spirit of the pioneer who struck out to unknown territories that we are killing. When it dies, we become like everyone else in the world.

I would argue that anyone needs to vote their conscious, but do not do so blindly and according to party line. Take a look at the numbers. They do not lie. I realize my arguments may fall upon deaf ears because the initial tendency is to build a wall against change and to lash out at anyone proposing change. But maybe if I plant enough seeds, at least one tree will sprout and grow.

Sorry for the long post, but I am very passionate about the survival of our country.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Open Letter to Democrats. Please feel free to comment or to contact us for more information.