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Technology plays a silent but integral part in our daily lives. It is pervasive and has entrenched itself to the point where we are impacted by its availability. When we do not have a connection, we feel like we are disconnected from the world. When there is a failure, it can have a significant impact on a company or even a market. Technology has crept up and taken a major role in how we live our lives and how we conduct business.

Add to this fact that new and exciting innovations are now coming along at a highly accelerated rate allowing us opportunities to capitalize on new products and new trends if we simply keep watch for the ones that will matter. If you were to relatively compare the exponential growth of technology to a clock, you would see that, in the timeline of man, most advances we have made would have been in the last one second. In other words, hardware, software, innovations and our lives are getting faster and breakouts occur more frequently than any other time in our history. And we are just getting started.

In this TownSpeaks section, we take a look at what is new, what is cool and what is coming. We cover everything from new and exciting personal products to enterprise software and services. Paradigm shifts are our specialty.

From trends in business to futuristic computing including robotics and artificial intelligence. We look at it all because we have to know what is coming to be ahead of the technology curve. So be on the lookout for quantum computing and significant advances in the robotics world. Add to that the trend for social retreat into the technology realm and you have a recipe for strong upward technology trending. Dependence + Advances = Profit.

If you have an exciting new trend or innovation you want to share, please contact us and tell us more.

TownSpeaks Tech Update

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Seriously. Amazon Echo is just cool and it may even be the start of something much bigger. Ever thought about talking to a device that can answer all your questions, play music and accomplish simple verbal tasks and commands. Okay, so that is cool but Siri does that right? Well, yes and no. What is […]

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