A TFLASH is a notification of opinion, projection or impact from a significant business, economic or political event. Typcially these are important mid-term to long-term impact events and are deemed as important but not critical. Should a critical event occur then the notice you receive will be marked PRIORITY for short-term, high impact events or will be marked **CRITICAL** for events that could potentially have a direct, high-impact effect on you or your portfolio.

We are currently building out this feature and want to get your feedback on how this feature can best serve you. Please take a moment and let us know what you think about this feature or what you would like to see changed for notifications. These can be market driven events or matters that arise from daily national or international news. These can also be timed updates throughout each day to help you keep informed.

Currently, you will need to make sure that your mobile phone is in your profile. Secondly, we will never send unsolicited messages so you will need to check the box to let us know you give us permission to send you text messages. You can simply turn these notifications off by unchecking the box in your profile. We will be enhancing this feature with shortcodes and commands in the near future.

To receive these notifications via SMS, please register and select the TFLASH checkbox.
NOTICE - Data and text charges may apply depending on your carrier. These alerts are currently only available via SMS.

Thank you from the TownSpeaks team.

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TFlash – Stockholm Terror Attack

TFLASH Subject – Stockholm Terror Attack A man suspected of driving a carjacked truck into a crowd of shoppers at a local department store has been arrested and has confessed to local authorities. Police have confirmed that at least 4 people have been killed and 15 people injured (9 seriously) in the Stockholm Terror Attack. […]