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There is news. Then there is trending news.

Predictive News is the process of combining events with the landscape and climate of economics, politics, consumer sentiment and more to develop insight into the impact this news will have on a stock or the direction of a currency - any number of specific targets where news will have an effect on an outcome. Further, Predictive News is projected, not historical.

Trending News is on the other side of the equation. Where Predictive News portends events and their impact in a current environment, Trending News determines the pervasiveness and depth of information on an outcome. The purpose of this segmentation is to understand how news, first of all, is factored into the market, but just as importantly, how much the market will move based on the news.

The stock market is just one example but it provides a picture we can all understand. We have all wondered how big money plays on the news in the market place and we have all wondered about their 'secret' source of news and how they get to it before it gets priced into a stock so that they can make their play and make money while the rest of the people are left holding the bag. The short answer is that they don't. Big money managers use the concept of Predictive News to identify potential movers and Trending News to understand the depth of the move.

What is the significance of Trending News? Going back to our stock example, understanding the depth of news or new information on our stock or our market tells us when we can expect a reversal of direction, either as a correction or a new trend. Remember, just like the stock market, everything in life is cyclical so while we enjoy a trend, we have to be ready for the trend to stop and reverse or we have to have an idea that the trend will continue. This is the impact of Trending News.

These are terms that we have phrased but they can be identified by any number of idioms depending on the people behind the money. Predictive News and Trending News are both the result of experienced research and intelligent monitoring. That is what we do and where our newsletter will be focused - providing you with Predictive News associations and Trending News research.

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