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When you sign up for a service or a site, what is it that you want from that site? Basically, you want something that will make a difference. Given that we are not mind readers, we want to hear from you what you think will make TownSpeaks the best News Services site on the web. The only problem? We are not a news services site. We are so much more.

Remember, we are starting from humble beginnings, but we have large dreams. You see, we understand that it is all interconnected but ever elusive. If you have tried other news services, you have tried finding sources of information before they affect the market, we can all but guarantee that you have not been able to find a reliable source of trend making news.

Want to know why you have not been able to find it? Because it doesn't exist. Then you ask, "Where do those people at the top get their information and how do they get it before the rest of us?" The answer to this is really simple and yet really complex. If you have a boatload of money that you are playing in the market, you most likely have a team of individuals scouring events and potential market moving pieces of information. That is the easy part.

How does that information become predictive news? Here is where it gets tricky and this is the niche we fill. From all of the data floating around in the ethersphere (it is in our dictionary), you have to pick the pieces that have potential and once you find those then you have to make inferences based on corroborating evidence. So really, how the big dollar players make money from the news is that they infer the news prior to it happening. That is the secret that keeps Wall Street rigged in favor of the big guys. This is called by many names but Market Intelligence fits it best.

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